I have a hard time hearing and understanding people when a venue I am at is loud, so to help solve my own problem I decided to use technology to aid in my personal struggle. While there are more people out there who are in a similar situation, I decided to open these badges up for everyone. So, how does it work?

Using your phones NFC function you can easily link back to your social media profiles. Ideal for connecting with others, this simplifies the process and to end the muffled communicating when fursuiting or cosplaying.  You can update and change your link as each badge has been password protected to avoid hijacking and allows you the freedom to change your links and information as needed. 


Each badge is lightweight, 250micron laminate and double sided for easy viewing. ID hole punched at the top the matching Scan Badge lanyard fits perfectly. 


What do you get:
/// Custom art  files: 100% resolution, 500 x 500 icon, Uploadable (with watermark) 1000×1000, and if applicable, a transparent version.
/// Physical Scan Badge – Pre-linked with your social media
/// Scan Badge Password Card – Pre-filled with your current badge password
/// Matching Scan Badge Lanyard


How does it come?
/// Each Badge is packaged lovingly, all pieces of packaging are reusable or recyclable. 
/// Packaging is discrete, all black with only my name “Lapres” as the sender. 
/// Shipping to the UK is included in the base price, +£6 worldwide (except Oceania / Aus / NZ, then +£9)


Badge Price: £95 GBP (Great British Pound Sterling)


How can I obtain one?
/// Badge openings are announced via twitter – updates are given regularly and you can follow Trello for real time badge updates. 
Badges are taken in groupings and I work through the groups. Paypal invoice only.


Art should be for everyone, not just a select few.  While this video focuses on a Patreon group, they are not exclusive. This is an example of the badges in action. Before the badge groups are packaged and mailed, every badge is filmed working so that the commissioners know that their links are active. 

About Lappy

Art is my passion, starting of as my hobby and then turning into my favourite activity.  I believe art is for everyone and strive to give people a lovely commissioning experience.  Based in the United Kingdom I’ve met so many wonderful people through my illustrations and wouldn’t change a thing about it.